It is not easy knowing what plants are detrimental to the environment. Your help in removing them from your land will aid our effort to restore the natural bush in Campbells Bay.

Some are well known pest plants such as tree privet, chinese privet, moth plant, monkey apple, climbing asparagus, and pampas grass.

Others are less well known eg boneseed, euonymus

Even trickier, is knowing the ones which only recently have been spreading into the bush eg agapanthus, loquat, cherry, and phoenix palm or the “soon to be” weeds such as bangalow palms, queen of the night and many others. Bangalow palm seedlings are popping up in Centennial Park bush already, yet this plant will not be officially a pest plant until 2012 at the earliest. (It is still not officially a pest plant in 2016)

If you are unsure, one of our volunteers would be happy to visit your site to advise you.

One thing that really gets us fired up is people who tip weeds over their fence into the reserve or worse still arrive in the park with a car load of weeds and dump them on the side of the road!!! Many of the main invasive weeds in the park have arrived this way. Please dispose of your weeds properly. If you see dumping of weeds in the park please phone Auckland Council 301 0101. There are significant fines for illegally placing weeds in a reserve.