Syzygium smithii (Acmena, monkey apple)

Monkey apple or acmena (Syzygium smithii) is an Australian native which  is a serious pest in New Zealand bush. It produces thousands of fastgrowing seedlings which soon smother our native bush. This is why we want all Campbells Bay’s fruiting acmena eliminated. We have removed most of them from the park near the Beach Rd entrance and nearly all of them from the golf links. We’d like to help you remove yours. If you have an acmena tree on your property and want rid of it, please contact us. We will register the tree — then either you or we will obtain a quote for its removal. Resource consent is not required. If you cannot afford the removal cost, we can apply for funding assistance on a 50:50 basis.  We will also give you a suitable tree to plant in its place. Download an application form Community Acmena Project, or give one of us a call.

Please note: well trimmed acmena hedges are not a problem – they produce very little fruit.