We really want Campbells Bay residents to get on board the CBUS idea. This means controlling predators on your property.

Centennial Park Bush Society can supply bait stations and/or traps for use on your property. We can show you how to use these and keep records your work. We are also selling rat bait at cost to local residents. 

Ideally we will have a grid of traps in lines 100m apart covering the whole catchment of Campbells Bay.  We  also has a spare Timms trap for possum control which we can lend and demonstate how to use.

Cats kill birds, and eat lizards. NZ has one of the highest cat ownership rates in the world. Please keep your cat well fed, put a bell on its collar, keep it inside at night and consider not replacing it when it moves on to cat heaven.


  • Bait and bait station supplies – Dick Downing – dick.d@xtra.co.nz 02102724116
  • Trapping supplies and bait record keeping – Peter Aimer – p.aimer@xtra.co.nz 478 8252
  • Bush Society Chair – Richard Hursthouse – richard.hursthouse@gmail.com  479 5422

CBUS Possum Trapping using Timms traps

CBUS Guide to using rat traps 1310

CBUS Residential Baiting Guidelines 1311

Pest Control Contrac Blox – Info sheet

Pest Control CBUS Bait take template 1310

Pest Control CBUS trapping record 1310