Invasive weeds come in all shapes and sizes from the tiniest moss like Selaginella to huge unwanted self sown Australian rain forest trees – fine in Australia, but not fine when they start growing and replacing our native vegetation. The main culprits are Acmena smithii (monkey apple), Acacia longifolia (Sydney golden wattle) and Pinus pinaster (maritime pine). As a result of this the Bush Society has been slowly removing problem trees from Centennial Park. Over the last 8 years we have removed almost all the large fruiting monkey apple trees in the park, including 50 around the golf course and about 30 in the vicinity of the tennis club. We have also felled about 50 pines in the main bush and wattles within and around the edge of the bush. We have an ongoing consent to remove 3 pines per annum from the bush. This pine reduction program started in the 1980’s when large numbers of self sown pines were ring barked by the Bush Society. The main valley would be a pine plantation today had it not been for the farsightedness of the early volunteers.

This program of weed tree removal has been controversial and opposed by some. However we have good ecological advice that we are on the right track. In tandem with this program we have planted many thousands of native and some non native plants, most of which are doing very well.