Park Rise Bush is the 5 hectare bush remnant between the top of Park Rise and Kowhai Rd. CPBS is working on the restoration of this area. See Park Rise Bush Restoration Plan

Progress to date includes

  • we funded a contractor to control pampas grass near the 7th fairway and kill many privet and cotoneaster weed trees
  • volunteer run weed control work days to control ginger, climbing asparagus, wattles, monkey apple, privet, moth plant etc
  • volunteer planting, around the Park Rise cul de sac area and in the main gully
  • we funded a contractor to remove wattles around the 6th tee area and along the 6th and 7th fairway
  • we gained a DOC Community Conservation Fund grant which has funded a contractor to control a real mess of weeds in the gully coming off the 7th and 8th fairways. This has been planted winter 2010 and 2011. The contractor has kept the weeds under control here and now this area is being controlled by council contractors
  • we removed agapanthus and other weeds along Tree Fern trail and replanted this area
  • we have planted more trees in here and had more work days controlling pest plants such as climbing asparagus