The Bush Society is working with the Pupuke Golf Club to reduce the weed burden around the fairways and in the plantations of the golf club.

Projects tackled so far include:

  1. weed control and planting at the 14th tee and edge of 14th fairway
  2. installing a seat at the 14th tee in memory of the Chamberlain family
  3. weed control along the edge of all the fairways
  4. weed control and planting around the 11th green fence
  5. weed control and planting behind the 8th tee/Park Rise accessway
  6. removal of all wattles from the golf course
  7. removal of approximately 50 large monkey apple trees and replacement planting
  8. weed control and planting of the Kowhai Rd restoration project
  9. Park Rise Bush restoration and track
  10. weed control around the 15th tee area and replanting
  11. weed control around the 16th tee area and replanting
  12. weed control around the 4th tee area
  13. placing rock in the gully below the 13th fairway to reduce erosion
  14. weed control and planting in the plantations around the 17th, 4th, 8th and 5th fairways
  15. removal of the dead gums in the 17th fairway plantation and in the 4th fairway plantation 2016
  16. weed control and planting in the 5th fairway block above Park Rise Bush
  17. working with the golf club on erosion issues