We have two dedicated volunteers who regularly test the north and south branches of the Campbells Bay Stream. The results of their monitoring are posted on the Waicare Web site which contains a host of information on water quality indicators.

Further monitoring could include macroinvertebrates, which are small animals living in water. Presence or absence of different animals can indicate water quality.

Monitoring of the streams in Campbells Bay has shown the presence of kokopu, giant kokopu, eels and koura.

Threats to stream life include accidental sewerage discharges, pollution from contaminated stormwater drains (eg washing of cars, washing paint down drains), excess sediment from accelerated erosion.

One of our current concerns is the sediment coming down the gully off Asbury Crescent and the Centennial Place subdivision. We are working with council to try to stem the erosion in this gully. Sediment is a pollutant equated to that of oil in terms of its effects on wildlife.

Dogs running in the stream stir up sediment which impacts negatively on the native fish which are present in the park. Please consider the stream wildlife and keep your dog on a leash in the park near the stream.