Centennial Park has 3 built heritage sites that we are aware of

  • One World War 2 bunker at the 13th tee of the golf course, partially buried. Recently a short accessway has been created to view this bunker off the northern end of the Mamaku Track
  • Another World Ward 2 bunker/pillbox near the southern end the Mamaku track deeper in the bush with an accessway cut
  • the remains of a gum diggers hut on the Kohekohe track

In addtion the “Avenue of Remembrance”, a fine double avenue of pohutukawa running from Beach Rd to Rae Rd throught the park is on the protected tree list of the District Plan. This avenue, which makes an excellent walk, was planted to celebrate the New Zealand centenary in 1940

WW2 Pillbox off Mamaku Track
WW2 Pillbox off Mamaku Track