What is CBUS?

With a park at its heart, two streams, a beautiful beach and pockets of privately-owned native bush, Campbells Bay is already an urban wildlife haven. To help keep it that way, your Bush Society has founded CBUS — Campbells Bay Urban Sanctuary, a community environmental scheme designed to embrace the bay’s natural assets and help enhance, protect and promote them. CBUS is your chance to hop aboard and participate by eliminating weeds, improving water quality and planting natives.

The following stakeholders of CBUS have signed an accord

In  addition we have identified the following as potential stakeholders in the project

  • Mairangi Playcentre (leasing a corner of Centennial Park on Kowhai Rd)
  • Auckland Council Parks (manager of Centennial Park, Campbells Bay reserve and roadsides)
  • Hibiscus Bays Local Board (representing landowner of reserves)
  • Waicare (agency assisting monitoring of stream water quality)
  • Water Services (council agency responsible for catchment management, stormwater and sewerage)
  • Milford Rotary (assisting through volunteering)

CBUS covers

the area bound by Aberdeen, East Coast and Kowhai Roads and the beach (we have also added Greville Reserve). This green “island” has already been identified as an important link in the Northwest Wildlink chain of bush remnants, connecting the islands of the Hauraki Gulf to other North Shore reserves and the Waitakere Ranges. Conserving Wildlink’s green chain is essential for the safe passage of native birds around our region.

How can you help?

By becoming weed-busters and water-watchers. Birds spread weed seeds and so do thoughtless gardeners who dump green waste on park perimeter areas. Weed eradication in our gardens is essential if we are to win the weed battle in the park. Large native trees on private land are treasures – they provide bird food and seeds for native regeneration.

Much of our stream water starts in our backyards. Remember: keep it clean for the stream.

We need hands-on help at working bees. Donations (yes please!) are tax deductible.

Park Rise Bush

Bush Society volunteers have been restoring native bush in Centennial Park for 30 years. The results are stunning. A key CBUS initiative is the restoration of the weed-infested five-hectare area at the top of Park Rise. We have constructed a new track from Park Rise to Kowhai Rd through this bush block. If you would like to help out please let us know.

Other CBUS initiatives include:

The Huntly Rd/Red Bluff Rise corner restoration

The All Hallows Church Bush restoration

Multiple sites around the golf course including the Kowhai Rd restoration

CBUS aims to:

Involve all stakeholders in a positive way

Increase the bay’s bird life

Improve stream and beach water quality

Safeguard the health of bush remnants and enhance the beauty of our bay by busting  the weeds

Raise awareness of which plants are pests and encourage their removal and replacement with non-invasive, bird-friendly natives and exotics

Manage animal pests like rats and possums

Structure and funding

To keep costs down Centennial Park Bush Society will be CBUS’s parent body. Bush Society will apply for grants from environmental initiative funds, charities and councils and will welcome donations.

“To say, ‘This is my home and I care about it enough to protect it.’ is the essence of citizenship and to act on such words begins to move us from isolation to community.” — Peter Forbes, Trust For Public Land, New Hampshire.

“He serves his country best, who loves the land itself. — Sir Charles Fleming, New Zealand scientist and conservationist.