All Hallows Church Bush at risk

All Hallows Church and the neighbouring block of bush at 220 Beach Rd have been sold. The new owner has submitted plans for a 150 place child care centre. The plans as submitted push the boundaries on many fronts so it has been publicly notified, meaning you can have input into the resource consent process. Concerns include:

  1. removal of almost all the protected vegetation on the site except for two large pohutukawa
  2. encroachment into front and side yards
  3. a large bank which will intrude into public land along with the underground carpark entry structure

Other issues of concern include traffic, parking and noise.

Centennial Park Bush Society has submitted on this development proposal (see  Submission CPBS child care centre) and we encourage as many of you as possible to do the same.

More information on the development proposal can be found on the council website – look for 218-220 Beach Rd, Campbells Bay.

Local residents have put together a proforma Childcare centre submission which you may choose to use. Please note a copy of this must be sent to the applicant.

You can also make your own submission online.

the applicant is Campbells Bay Holdings Ltd
the application number is LN-2141566
the applicants email is

If you wish to know more or to be on the mailing list please email


Campbells Bay features at awards night

Campbells Bay features at awards night

The Hibiscus and Bays Local Board recently honoured volunteers in our community. Max Thomson received an award for his contribution to the Campbells Bay Community Association and community planning. The Centennial Park Bush Society received an award recognising the ongoing work and commitment to the Campbells Bay environment. From left Max Thomson, Joe Greig, Stan Knight and Richard Hursthouse.

Your Place

Integral to the success of the Campbells Bay Urban Sanctuary is your support. Properties within and near the Campbells Bay catchment are an important part of CBUS.

CBUS will work best if landowners

  • remove invasive weeds and trees from their land
  • help to keep pest animals under control
  • plant bird friendly trees
  • provide habitat for birds, lizards and other native wildlife

What We Do

There are numerous projects ongoing in the catchment including

  • removal of serious weed trees eg Acmena smithii monkey apple
  • weed removal and replacement areas eg Aberdeen Track, wetland area, 16th tee
  • gradual pine reduction in the main bush area and replanting
  • Park Rise bush restoration
  • Campbells Bay Reserve streamside weed removal and planting
  • All Hallows Church bush weed removal
  • Kowhai Rd restoration area (above golf club workshops)
Volunteer worker Kowhai Rd
Volunteer worker Kowhai Rd